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Wednesday, February 13th 2019. | Golf Driver

Mk2 Golf Driver Review M2 Clearance Taylormade 2017 Ebay Town

Kinds of drivers There are three golf driver types according to the material that they are made of: the alloy drivers stainless steel and forged titanium. Alloy golf drivers have shafts made of stainless steel or graphite and Ti Alloy heads. They are great for driving the ball into the first course. Stainless steel drivers on the other hand come with hard and strong heads and are the most common choices among the golf driver types. They have compact heads and are heavier than the alloy and titanium varieties. Finally there are the forged titanium drivers. These golf drivers are composed of titanium heads and shafts that are made of lightweight graphite.

Nevertheless hitting the golf ball clean can be difficult and you can end up hitting a fat thin or a topped shot. This difficulty is far more pronounced with double digit handicapped golf players together with beginner golf players. Main Reasons Which Usually Lead To Fat Or Thin Hits: Within the golf driver swing clean hits depend mainly on the stance golf ball positioning inside the tee box the backswing and the downswing. When you have a tendency to bend over too much during the backswing and then you do not return to the normal position at impact this can result in a thin shot. When you are positioned too close to the ball then your angle of attack becomes too sharp and may result in a fat shot.

The Cobra ZL To say it this driver is the most innovative and highest performing driver ever produced by Cobra golf. This driver was designed to help all golfers achieve more distance. The ZL stands for Zero Limits which was the mindset of the engineers when they built this driver. You might as well try it to prove what the engineers have to say about this product. Also it has three simple face-angle settings (Open Neutral Closed) which allows the golfers to optimize their trajectory. If you feel that these five drivers are not enough for you then you can try other golf drivers.

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