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For the back swing your hips should only turn back slightly. Do not sway shift or tilt backwards with your hips but rather keep your foundation stable and rotate from
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Golf Practice AccessoriesGolf Practice Accessories

You can always do so if money is not an issue for you. But it is not necessary nor is it practical to get all the golf training aids available.
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Best Training Aids In GolfBest Training Aids In Golf

Some of the golf training aids are swing trainers aim trainers golf simulators practice balls mats nets putting greens and putting aids. Try golf resistance cords: The swing weight trainer
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Swing Path Training AidSwing Path Training Aid

By using a training device if used correctly it can help en grain the proper muscle memory so that you can repeat you golf swing time and time again. Repeatability
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Consider the various putting alignment aids on the market that help ensure proper putting setup and stroke fundamentals. Swing Synchronization - Ensuring that your torso shoulders and arms move together
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Speed Stick Golf Training AidSpeed Stick Golf Training Aid
Golf Training Aids Supported by Golf Schools and Golf Academy Look for golf training aids which are developed by golf professionals with sound knowledge on golf fundamentals. The aids should
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Golf Release Training AidGolf Release Training Aid
There are a host of "golf pocket guides" on the market that provide expert golf tips on proper golf shot setup and execution. These guides are very handy on or
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Best Golf Teaching AidsBest Golf Teaching Aids

And if you usually play well until the pressure of a good score or a close match brings you down consider golf training aids that will address the mental side