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Gtd Wing Mirror Replacement Cost Golfmk7 Vw Gti Mkvii Forum Name Img 7229jpg Views 5054 Size 5055 Kb Golf Driver Side

Now you are aimed with proper knowledge when reading golf driver reviews. The Nike Golf company has spent the last three years designing a Nike golf driver that is targeted at pros and low handicap players with prices in the hundreds for a single Nike golf driver. As we all know Nike golf drivers have had a long and bumpy road to travel before arriving at the high quality that is the Nike golf driver we know today. Even Tiger Woods has been quoted saying that Nike golf has come a long way in design and function. So here is the latest on what Nike golf is doing today. With the upper end of the Nike golf driver market well secured Nike has focused on us common golfers and engineered for us the Nike golf driver called the Distance Series or NDS for short.

Therefore beginner golfers should look for drivers with a very high MOI (5800-5900). Another common term seen when reading golf driver reviews is Center of Gravity (CG). Basically beginners should focus on drivers that have a low CG. This allows balls to have a higher flight path when compared to drivers with a higher CG. One more term used in some golf driver reviews is what is known as Coefficient of Restitution (COR). This refers to a spring-like attribute that a ball has at impact. At a higher COR the golf ball will be leaving the clubhead faster (i.e. higher momentum) for a fixed impact speed. The USGA legal limit for COR is 0.830 presently.

The golf players are well acquainted with what are exactly known as the best golf drivers but for those who are new to the game of golf might get confused by the term golf drivers. Well there is no brain-game involved in understanding a golf driver and its significance. There are of course some specifications for choosing the best golf driver. If a driver has a roughly elliptical face shape in a way that the long axis of the ellipse is tilted upward towards the toe at an angle recording twenty degrees or more the agreement between the perimeter of the club face and the hit pattern just goes perfect.

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