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Saturday, February 23rd 2019. | Golf Driver

Wilson Staff Golf Drivers Triton Driver D300  D200 Review

So when you have the option to choose between many top notch golf drivers how do you make up your mind which one is the right driver for you? The answer to know the different aspects of a golf driver and how the variations would suit your personal style as well as meeting the demands of a having great performance in the actual game. Experts have a lot of experience and thus have come up with certain dos and donts when it comes to buying the right kind of driver. You have plenty of informational resources on the internet that provide you with exclusive golf driver reviews. Such testimonials on golf drivers might be of some help to help you purchase the right one.

This makes your swing dependent on rotation and will provide a smoother swing arc that will increase your control of the driver. Rotation is essential to hitting long and straight shots on the golf course. Because of the length and power of the driver small incorrect movements in your swing will translate into major mis-hits. 3) Keeping your balance is extra important with the golf driver swing. Again many golfers can get away with swaying leaning and tilting when hitting their short irons but have major problems hitting woods. At address your weight should be towards the toes of your feet not on the heels.

Also if you ever move too much laterally or parallel to the target line during the driver swing youll end up striking a fat shot. In a fat shot the club head typically strikes the ground first after which it makes contact with the golf ball resulting in a lot less energy being transferred to the golf ball and resulting in a much shorter shot. In addition if you have a tendency to squeeze your body or straighten your back while youre within your downswing it is going to lead to a thin hit or even a topped hit. If sometimes your hips move forward and backward or sideways then this may also result in a thin hit.

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