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Thursday, February 21st 2019. | Golf Driver

Callaway Golf Big Bertha Driver 2014 V Series Review Alpha 815

Golf drivers review is essential so that you have an idea built in your minds ahead of deciding which model to purchase for your personal use. If you could sum up in a single sentence on the factors influencing your purchase of the perfect golf driver to suit your needs then it would comprise of size of the driver material of the driver loft of the driver shaft flex length of the shaft and grip size. Considering carefully all of these factors put together would lead you into knowing that your confidence in the game is boosted just by the look and feel of it. The last thing you want is to find out that you have spent good money on an ill-fitting driver while you are in the middle of a game! Gone are the days where the golf driver could cover only 250 yards.

With its weight it provides more stability consistency and it gives the golfer an incredible feel and an increased speed. With the weight replacement technology that was applied in this driver and with its high end materials such as titanium cured carbon fiber and formed aluminum cast and steel this driver doesnt only give a good feel to the golfer it also gives a stunning appearance. The Cleveland Launcher DST Having a longer shaft (45.75") and a lighter weight gives this driver an increased swing speed. More so an over-all distance of about 3-10 yards could be reached by its faster clubhead speed and with a deeper center of gravity this driver has a higher MOI and straighter drives.

For the back swing your hips should only turn back slightly. Do not sway shift or tilt backwards with your hips but rather keep your foundation stable and rotate from the base of your spine. When you enter the downswing youll need to rotate (not shift) your hips forward to make room for your swing and the golf club to come through. With a little practice it should not be hard to keep your balance throughout your golf driver swing. The key to hitting your driver well is the same as hitting any club well you need to have a good golf swing. If youre not confident in your ability to swing the golf club well then you should enroll in some online golf swing lessons. They are extremely inexpensive and in many cases the teachers are better than your local golf pro.

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